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TLC Chiropractic has a wide range of services to fit the needs of most patients.  We offer light touch techniques such as Activator, Thompson, S.O.T.,  and Impulse adjusting.  We also recently added Arthrostim adjusting instrument to our practice. Dr Lewis is highly proficient in  Diversified and Gonstead techniques.  She is also  certified in The Webster Technique (for pregnancy) by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  Dr. Thea is also trained in Pediatrics by attending a two year post graduate course  by the I.C.P.A.

   Dr Thea is also an expert in resolving pain syndromes associated with fibromyalgia, shingles and neurological pain conditions. Sciatica, and radiculopathy respond quite well to the Chiropractic methods that Dr. Thea utilizes. "The spine houses the most important structure in your body! Your spinal cord and the nerves that connect to it operate your entire body.  If your spine is misaligned or injured, the consequences can be far reaching. These injuries go unnoticed and can really diminish your health over the years. If you seek Chiropractic early your health will improve and your nervous system

We also offer physiotherapy (heat, ice ,traction, muscle stim. ultrasound and therapeutic massage)

We also recommend supplements, and safe  exercise techniques, to help you  reach your wellness  lifestyle goals! We become your personal health partners and coach you along the way to adjust your habits to reach your wellness goals.


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  • "I visitied Dr. Lewis in 2004. I was having involuntary head spasms. I had hurt my neck about 20 years ago in a swimming accident. I tried a physician who gave me muscle relaxers, valium, anti-depressants. These were not the answer. My range of motion is well improved and I am making great progress."
    Lynda - Northville, MI